Biography Johan Galtung, dr hc mult

In 1956 Johan Galtung received a PhD in mathematics, and in 1975 in sociology. Galtung has continuously contribute original research and insights to many areas of intellectual inquiry, including peace studies, peaceful conflict transformation, reconciliation, pedagogy, interstate relation, non-offensive development strategies, a life-sustaining economy – as opposed to our current global killing economy, micro-history, civilization-theory, federalism as a macro-political peace mechanism, globalization, communication and peace, deep culture, peace and religions, social science methodology, sociology, ecology and future studies.

He has so far published over 150 books and over 1500 essays and papers in scholarly and popular journals, translated over 30 languages.

The culmination of this persistent trans disciplinary study of peace is to be found in his most recent series of publication by TRANSCEND UNIVERSITY PRESS. When asked what is that holds this opus magnum of entirely new books published since 2008 together, he explains :

“These book are a massive trove of concrete, constructive and creative solutions to existential problems of the here and now! They are outcome of the 60 years of continuous research I stand for. May they inspire politicians, practitioners, decision-makers and all who wish not only to think about, but to bring about peace.”


To create greater awareness, promotion and advocacy of Global Peace including the protection of human rights and criminalisation of war.

The Chair will provide a platform for expanding knowledge, practical experience and competencies for scholars and practitioners, involved in peace building and humanitarian assistance. In this regard, the establishment of this Chair is a step towards institutionalizing the developmental aspect of our mission.

IIUM vision is to become a leading international centre of educational excellence which seeks to restore the dynamic and progressive role of the Muslim Ummah in all branches of knowledge and intellectual discourse provides an opportunity for PGPF to work together on this endeavor. In this regards, IIUM is the best institution in Malaysia to establish the Chair and together provide the development dimension to the PGPF mission.

This Chair will focus on specific research on global peace inclusive of policy and legislative aspects as well as on issues related to war crimes.