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Moving photos. #IllegalDemolition of Palestinian homes exacerbates issues of #In…

Moving photos. #IllegalDemolition of Palestinian homes exacerbates issues of #InternallyDisplacedPersons and #Refugees.
Photos by: Jeff Halper, Mcky Kratzman & Activestills.

I’m going over the ICAHD archive of photos around the issue/tragedy/crime of house demolitions, preparing to publish a new flyer: The images are so powerful I thought I’d share some with you-all. They were taken either by me, one of our activists, Mcky Kratzman or Activestills, a collective of documentary photographers deeply involved in the Palestinian struggle.

Just for context, since 1948, Israel has demolished some 140,000 Palestinian “, livestock structures and entire farms, schools, mosques, community buildings, businesses, more than 500 entire villages, towns and cities in its effort to Judaize Palestine, turn an Arab country into a Jewish one.

ICAHD insists that the political discourse around the “conflict” has to take into account the human dimension, the suffering shown in these pictures, but also the aspirations, individual and collective, of the oppressed population, in our case the Palestinians. Whatever your opinion, or whether or not you have an opinion, these images cannot help but move you.,