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NATO DR MAHATHIR BIN MOHAMAD 29 June 2022 1. Immediately after Germany was de…


29 June 2022

1. Immediately after Germany was defeated in the Second World War, the Western Alliance made it clear that the new enemy was Russia, their partner in the war against Germany.

2. A “defence” grouping of the European countries and the United States of America was set up with the obvious exclusion of the Soviet Union. It was equally obvious that the enemy to be defended against was Russia.

3. Not surprisingly Russia set up the Warsaw Pact, an alliance of East European countries to deter the Nato nations from any aggressive acts against the Eastern Bloc and Russia.

4. A costly Cold War resulted with Nato and the Eastern Alliance convening and attempting to get the countries of the world to join the Western countries or the Eastern “Communist” bloc.

5. Proxy wars and regime change were attempted as the European tried to line up the countries of the world in support of the two groups. Eventually the Russians realised the futility of the confrontation between the two blocs. Under the leadership of Gorbachev, the Warsaw Pact was disbanded and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were allowed to break up. Many communist countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia became independent.

6. Not so Nato. Far from disbanding Nato went all out to gain more members especially among the former Warsaw pact countries. The Russians were not invited. They were apparently still the enemy.

7. The membership drive by Nato came ever closer to Russia.

8. The Russian military had been weakened by the break up of Soviet Union. Nato simply regarded the weakening of the Russian defensive strength as a godsend. This did not affect the Nato countries from recruiting more members especially among those close to Russia. War games were held among Nato countries, again directed at Russia.

9. Russia rearmed as Nato got more members and came closer to Russia.

10. One of the agreements between the Nato countries is that an attack on one would be regarded as an attack against all the Nato countries.

11. What is the implication in the present situation. Ukraine is not yet a member. If Russia attacks, Nato is not obliged to war against Russia. On the other hand if Ukraine is accepted as a member of Nato, an attack by Russia would result in war with Nato.

12. And war between Nato and Russia would escalate into a third world war. And nuclear weapons would be used.

13. Russia is not likely to accept defeat. Nor will Nato. And so again the Europeans will destroy the world.

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