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Palestinian Heritage Celebrated in Online Campaign #MyHistoricalThobe

#MyHistoricalTrobe is an online campaign to highlight and protect the tradition of intricately embroidered Palestinian thobes (dresses). The campaign successfully had scores of Palestinian women proudly flooding social media platforms wearing their heritage.

The campaign, launched on 17 February by Falastini TV, a Palestine-based channel dedicated to arts and culture, was designed to shed light on Palestinian heritage as well as educate people on its origins.

‘Many Palestinians consider the thobe as a heritage, as a weapon in which they defend their history and identity, and that’s why stealing it is like stealing their whole lives’ – Sumaya Souqi, Senior Marketing Communications Specialist, Falastini TV.

Quds News Network tweeted distinct style and designs of Palestinian thobes based on geographical locations.

In December 2021, UNESCO added the Palestinian Thobe to its Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Traditional Palestinian Dress Day is celebrated on 25 July of every year. Palestinians usually wear their thobe aiming to fight against the Israeli attempts to steal the Palestinian heritage and culture.

Last year, Miss Universe contestants came under fire after photos circulated of them participating in a “visit Israel” campaign while wearing traditional Palestinian thobes.

Palestinians trace their embroidery practices, as well as their thobes, back to ancient Canaanite and Phoenician forebears. Here’s how Palestinian women are trying to protect and raise awareness about their traditional thobes and its origin.

Article by Nuh Ibrahim, PGPF. 27 July 2022

Source: News Agencies