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1. Now we know the real Americans of the United States of America.

2. When practically the whole world demands for an end to the slaughter of the Palestinians, the US blatantly insist that the slaughter must go on.

3. The reason given is that Israel has a right to protect itself. But for 70 years Israel had killed thousands of Palestinians, detained thousands without trial, occupied Palestinian land, built settlements desecrated Muslim holy places – all these are perpetrated by the Israelis. Have the Palestinians no right to protect themselves?

4. Israel claims that Hamas rockets on 7th October had killed 1400 Israelis. We have not seen the Israelis who have been killed. We have not seen the Israeli babies who Biden claims were killed by Hamas. We have not seen the buildings destroyed by Hamas.

5. But we see the 19,000 Gazans who have been killed and they include women, children and babies. The whole city of Gaza has been flattened to the ground. But Biden wants the slaughter to go on. The whole of Gaza destroyed. Biden does not see why the slaughter and the devastation should stop.

6. On reflection the US Government’s support for Israeli genocide is understandable. After all America was created through the slaughter of the American natives, and the seizure of their land. Now Israel wants to slaughter the Palestinians and seize their land. What they are doing is very American. It deserves American support.

7. Stop arrogating to yourself the moral high ground. You have no right to preach. Even now you can’t stop killing black people.

8. We know who you really are.


Dec 22, 2023

Source: @chedetofficial