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Three Palestinians killed during an Israeli army assault on Balata refugee camp, a house blown up

Israeli occupation soldiers shot and killed three Palestinians during a large-scale assault on Balata refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Nablus early this morning and injured six others, one of them seriously, according to the Ministry of Health, and blew up a house.

It said Fathi Jihad Rizq, 30, Abdullah Yousef Abu Hamdan, 24, and Mohammad Bilal Zeitoun, 32, were killed during the assault.

Witnesses said a large force raided the camp in the early hours and deployed snipers on rooftops.

Clashes broke out between armed men and the soldiers which led to the killing of the three and the injury of six others, one no of them seriously.

The soldiers also broke into dozens of homes in the camp, searched and ransacked them, and blew up one house for the Abu Shalal family injuring a young boy and girl from shrapnel and causing damage to nearby homes.

The Israeli army has killed or caused the death of 156 Palestinians since the start of the year, among them 26 minors, and including 36 in the Gaza Strip.

Source: WAFA Palestine News & Info Agency. 22 May 2023