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By Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, President of Perdana Global Peace Foundation.

26 September 2022

1. When atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, humanity realised that they now have the capacity to destroy the whole world and themselves as its inhabitants.

2. Sobered by this realisation, humanity generally rejected war as a means of solving conflicts between nation. And so for over 70 years major wars were avoided. There was a general understanding that nuclear weapons should not be used in wars.

3. Towards this end, restrictions were placed on countries to prevent nuclear weapons from being manufactured or acquired.

4. But the love for war is a part of the culture of the European nations. Written history over more than 3000 years relate about the wars fought between European nations. They were the first to organise armies and navies for fighting wars. When airplanes were invented air forces were organised for aerial wars. And when rockets penetrated space, rockets were developed for the space wars which the Europeans anticipate.

5. When the Germans were defeated in World War II, the partnership with Russia was immediately terminated. Russia was identified as the new enemy. And so, a cold war was “fought” for decades. And now it is no longer cold. The west is now indirectly at war with Russia.

6. This may escalate and a third world war will be fought. How fantastic. All those new weapons could be used and young people will once again die gloriously.

7. There will be heroes who will be remembered, mentioned in history books, with statues erected. But they would all be dead.

8. We are told about the atrocities committed by the Russians, the suffering of Ukraine as they mourn the deaths of their sons, husbands and fathers.

9. But go on fighting. NATO will give you the weapons and the money. The West would not join the Ukrainians in the war. Ukraine is not a member of NATO or the European Union (E.U.) The West and America are not obliged to go to war in support of Ukraine.

10. The young Europeans and Americans will be saved. That is great. Ukrainian boys and men would die, would be wounded, would suffer devastation of Ukraine. It is a great strategy. The western allies are smart. They are fighting a war against their enemy, Russia without any of their young people dying.

11. Fight on Ukraine. You are doing fine.