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Deleted Osama Bin Laden “Letter To Americans” Viral On TikTok

Guardian readers will read the following message, “This page previously displayed a document containing, in translation, the full text of Osama bin Laden’s ‘Letter to the American people’, as reported in the Observer on Sunday 24 November 2002. The document, which was published here on the same day, was removed on 15 November 2023.”
The British daily removed the letter after several TikTok users started circulating the old letter with a section of them supporting some of the views of Osama bin Laden. TikTokers started debating the transcript of Osama’s letter and relating to the current situation in Palestine. Some of the social media platform users claims to have their eyes open looking at the world with a new perspective and some goes as far as saying to experience life changing worldview.

The following has been circulating on many social media platforms to be the transcript of the letter from Osama Bin Laden to Americans (NOTE: the transcript has been extracted and uploaded here for better viewing):

A different letter altogether is also circulating online and alleged to be the deleted letter. The above was extracted from internet archive.