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Egypt, Jordan reject Israeli plot to forcibly displace Palestinians


The leaders of the two countries warn that the continuation of the Israeli war on Gaza might lead to catastrophic consequences for the entire region.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Jordan’s King Abdullah II issued a joint statement on Wednesday announcing their rejection of any attempts by the Israeli occupation to forcibly displace Palestinians from Gaza and the occupied West Bank.

The leaders met in Cairo to discuss the ongoing crisis and underscored their commitment to the Palestinian cause, in the presence of the foreign ministers and heads of intelligence of both countries.

Since day one of the war on the Strip, the occupation entity’s top officials publicly declared that one of the objectives was to forcefully displace its residents to other countries, most notably Jordan and Egypt.

Egyptians marching in Cairo in protest of the Israeli war on the Strip on October 2023. Photo: AFP

Prominent Arab and Islamic figures launch an initiative to unify Palestinians against the Israeli agendas and to strengthen the option of Resistance in all its forms as a natural right for an occupied nation.

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Most recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that the occupation entity is in contact with countries to persuade them to agree to take in Palestinian “refugees from Gaza.”

In their joint statement, the leaders emphasized their “complete rejection of all attempts to liquidate the Palestinian issue and forcibly displace Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

King Abdullah reiterated Jordan’s unwavering support for Cairo’s position against the forced displacement of the residents of Gaza.

Palestinians inspect the rubble of a building of the al-Nawasrah family, destroyed in an Israeli strike in the Maghazi refugee camp, central Gaza 25 December 2023. Photo: AFP

The Israeli occupation continues to target civilians in the Gaza Strip for the 82nd day in a row, while the occupation’s artillery and warplanes bomb various neighborhoods throughout the besieged Strip.

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Furthermore, the leaders called “for the whole world to push towards an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, and the delivery of sufficient and sustainable humanitarian aid to alleviate the tragic situation and the suffering of Gazans.”

King Abdullah and President el-Sisi emphasized that the international community “shoulders an immense political and ethical responsibility” toward implementing UN resolutions to “maintain the integrity of these international entities.”

Source: AlMayadeen

28 Dec 2023