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1. Words fail me when I try to describe the horrors caused by the Israelis on the city of Gaza. A whole city of more than a million people has been razed to the ground.  

2. 21,000 Gazans have been killed by the bombs, rockets and ground attacks by the Israelis. Homes, schools, hospitals, Government offices have been reduced to rubble, killing the occupants or burying them alive in the rubble. They cannot hope to be rescued as the survivors tear at the fallen concrete walls and beams with their bare hands.  

3. The hospitals have been destroyed so that the wounded cannot be treated. Mothers wail as they recognised the dead babies and children as theirs. And the surviving children seem bewildered as they could find neither their mothers nor fathers. They seem to be pitiably lost. It is not about a few children. There are hundreds of children who have lost their families, who have lost their homes. And children are so vulnerable.

4. How can people do this to fellow human beings. What kind of people are these Israelis. Are they human or animals. Even animals kill for food. But Israelis kill because they want to kill. They believe that their security could only be won thorough killing Palestinians.  

5. And the world stands still. The world has set up the UN to end wars. But what is happening is worse than wars. It is a genocide – a crime against humanity.

6. The genocide goes on because the US has cast the veto. The US wants the mass murders to go on because cynically it believes it would end wars. Would it? No. Two world wars were fought to end wars. But wars have not ended.  

7. Even if all Hamas members are killed, others will take their place. Why? Because other Palestinians will remember the bestiality of the Israelis. The enmity will persist for generations and generations. There will be wars. There will be no peace. There will be revenge killings, suicide bombings, assassinations.  

8. The only thing the Israelis have achieved is to create eternal enemies. And the world will remember the Israelis as cruel and immoral people who do not care for human rights and mercifulness.  

9. Because America supports the genocide, that country cannot take the moral high ground anymore.  

10. America is as culpable as Israel for the mass murder of the Palestinians.


Dec 31, 2023

Source: chedetofficial