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Germany reports massive surge in arms exports to Israel

Germany has greatly increased arms exports to Israel, media reports said Wednesday, Anadolu Agency reports.

The government allowed exports of almost €303 million ($323 million) to Israel up to 2 November – almost 10 times as much for the entire 2022 (€32 million), according to the German Economic Ministry.

The approvals include, primarily, components for air defence and communications equipment.

Since an attack on Israel by the Palestinian group, Hamas, on 7 October, 185 permit applications from Israel have been processed by Germany, as officials in Berlin have repeatedly said Israel’s security is Germany’s “reason of state”.

During a NATO meeting in Brussels last month, German Defence Minister, Boris Pistorius, confirmed that Israel was also requesting munitions for its Navy.

We will discuss with the Israelis how exactly that will now proceed.

Pistorius was quoted as saying.

More material and military support may be in the pipeline, and German officials have said they will meet Israel’s requests as they are made.

Also, German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock, discussed a possible peace solution for the Gaza Strip at the G7 foreign ministers’ meeting in Tokyo.

We need clever solutions as to how and by whom Gaza can be managed in the future. And we need practical steps towards a two-state solution, even if it may be a long way off.

Baerbock said at the end of the meeting.

Gaza must not pose a terror threat to Israel in the future; Palestinians must not be driven out of Gaza and there must be no Occupation or reduction in the size of the Gaza Strip, she added.

Baerbock also said there should be no political solution forced on the Palestinians.

Trucks carrying World Health Organization (WHO) medical supplies, which passed from the Rafah Border Gate between Egypt and the Gaza Strip to the Gaza Strip, arrive at Nasser Hospital in the city of Khan Yunis, Gaza on October 23, 2023. Photo: Abed Zagout /Anadolu Agency

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Source: Middle East Monitor.

9 Nov 2023