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1. The world is now seeing massacre being perpetrated by the Israelis against the Palestinians on their high definition TV screens. Every detail is shown. New born babies dying as electricity is cut off and the oxygen flow to their cribs stopped.

2. Boys and girls wounded and dying being pulled out of collapsed building which had been bombed or rocketed by the Israelis. The wounded are being rushed on stretchers to ruined hospitals. The dead enshrouded with white cloth lying scattered on the ground.

3. The survivors crying and wailing as they hug the bodies of adults, children and women who had been killed.

4. This is not war. We see only Israeli soldiers. No Palestinian soldiers. Only civilians running about frantically as they search for family members who were missing. There may be fighting but it can only be between Israeli soldiers against Palestinian civilian. Yet the bombs and rockets have pulverised the whole city.

5. I cannot believe that this is happening. Long ago when the German Nazis were killing Jews in gas chambers, I felt a great pity for them.

6. I thought that Jews would understand what suffering means. I thought that they would never inflict such suffering on others.

7. But now I and the rest of the world are witnessing Jewish bestiality against the people who gave them asylum when the Europeans oppressed them.

8. Jews fled to Muslim countries when Ferdinand and Isabella reconquered Spain. They, the Jews and the Muslims were given three choices.

9. They could convert to Christianity, or emigrate or be put to death. Most chose to migrate. The Jews had no land of their own. So they migrated to Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Turkey. These were all Muslim countries. They also migrated to Palestine.

10. They survived and some even prospered. The Muslim fellow citizens did not commit pogroms against them.

11. They left these countries only after the state of Israel was created.

12. And since then there were violent wars as the expelled Palestinians tried to regain their land.

13. Do the Israeli remember the holocaust and the Nazis? Do they remember Ferdinand and Isabella giving them the three choices? Do they remember their asylum in the Muslim countries?

14. Apparently they don’t. Not at all if their genocidal war against the Palestinian, their brutality is any indication.


November 8, 2023

Source: @chedetofficial.