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What’s the Story? Dr. Lina Qasem-Hassan on Israeli medical apartheid

Israel’s health care system is recognized globally for its high quality of care and advanced technology, but according to Physicians for Human Rights Israel there are tremendous health disparities and inequality between Israel’s Jewish and Palestinian populations. This is especially true of those Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation.

Dr. Lina Qasem-Hassan, Board Chairwoman of Physicians for Human Rights Israel, describes her experience as a Palestinian doctor in the Israeli healthcare system, and how the Israeli healthcare system neglects Palestinians in Israel and the occupied territory.

As told to producer/director Ghousoon Bisharat and cinematographer/editor Thomas Dallal.

Ghousoon Bisharat
Ghousoon Bisharat is an experienced journalist and producer, as well as a strategic communications and international cooperation expert. She has more than 20 years of experience working with leading international broadcast news outlets and the European Union.

Thomas Dallal
Thomas Dallal is an award-winning photojournalist and cinematographer currently based in Haifa. His photographs have appeared in leading international newspapers and magazines thousands of times over three decades, including The New York Times and Der Spiegel among many others and his cinematography work has been broadcast by Aljazeera Documentary.

Source: Mondoweiss. 24 May 2023


Shu al-Qusa/What’s the Story is a video series by Ghousoon Bisharat and Thomas Dallal that illuminates Palestinian life and politics through intimate first-person interviews with Palestinians. View the series here.